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extremeconcrete® slabs

extremeconcrete® as a Surfacing Material...

From creating custom surfaces to offering standard slabs for you to create your own surfaces, extremeconcrete® is your unparalleled LEED contributing choice.

Our extremeconcrete® materials show versatility anywhere you have surfaces; from walls to work and homes to hospitality, choose extremeconcrete® for countertops, table tops, flooring, vanities, reception desks, wall panels, conference tables, fireplace surronds, bar tops, cash wraps and more...


 extremeconcrete® SLABS familiar as natural stone...

Our extremeconcrete® slabs were designed with fabricators in mind. They are easily fabricated and installed just like natural stone, utilizing the same tools and techniques to achieve predictable results.

Standard 3cm thick slabs are 60” x 108”.  Weight: ~14 lbs. per square foot. Available in custom colors and sizes. Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.

Pricing Information

extremeconcrete® is sold on a tiered pricing basis dependent on the raw materials and recycled ingredients utilized. For more information regarding pricing for your project click here >

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To find out who your local representative is, call 919.800.7970 x1 or send us an email at


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