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exclusive manufacturer of extremeconcrete®

Merge Design Company fuses nearly 20 years of experience and evolution to create incredible, high performance eco-sensitive concrete materials and products. We offer infinite design possibilities and sensible surface solutions for one of a kind projects to production rollouts by melding state of the art concrete technology with proprietary forming, pouring and finishing techniques. As a vanguard in the development and manufacturing of cement based eco-friendly materials and products, Merge Design and extremeconcrete® continuously pushes the boundaries to create distinctive products and award winning materials for high impact working, living, and entertaining environments around the globe.


We believe sustainability is no longer an option, it’s an imperative. Merge Design Company and extremeconcrete® have a deep history of success with design and architecture partners on LEED-certified and eco-friendly projects. We follow the continuous improvement method for manufacturing while striving to be a zero waste company with an emphasis on reuse/repurpose/reclaim/recycle. We minimize our impact on the environment by reducing waste, engineering our products to contain maximum recycled content and educating our clients on the benefits of sustainable materials. The versatility of extremeconcrete® combined with Merge Designs unfaltering dedication towards sustainability, the environment and superior design capabilities allows for the ordinary perception of concrete to be broken and the encapsulating possibilities of sustainable materials to come alive.




Merge Design Adds New extremeconcrete®
Midwest Distributor



Merge Design Adds New extremeconcrete®
North American Distributor

TopReps joins the extremeconcrete® sales force,
covering North & South Carolina

Merge Design releases their Fourell line of LEED-contributing extremeconcrete® Tiles

extremeconcrete® receives NSF certification

Merge Design increases recycled content in its material
extremeconcrete® | Xposed

extremeconcrete® is now available in 3cm thick slabs