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Welcome to Merge Design Company, exclusive manufacturer of the award-winning, LEED contributing, extremeconcrete® line of eco-sensitive concrete materials and products.
From the original, extremeconcrete® | monochrome, to our newer materials, eco-X, micro and Xposed, Merge Design drives the evolution of cast concrete products by collaborating with visionary designers, architects, and clients to create high impact concrete essentials.


These visionary designers, architects and clients chose extremeconcrete®

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Possibilites with extremeconcrete®

Merge Design collaborated with local artist Casey Cook ( to create an extremeconcrete® replica of her piece “Woah Nelly”, which was featured at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. Recreated with 2500 lbs of extremeconcrete® | monochrome, the piece measured 160” x 41-1⁄2” x 10” and was commissioned for outdoor display by a private collector.


Latest Custom Creation

A client wanted to see a sample of color #174 Spiced Apple in extremeconcrete® | micro to use for some custom concrete sinks.

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